In some Latin American countries, a girl’s 15th birthday is celebrated in the form of a Quinceañera, which marks the transition from childhood to young womanhood. The celebrations are often festive and throughout contain many important rituals that signify this transformation. One of the most important elements of this event is the dress, and that, […]

Juliana Returns

032516 Juliana Wilson Featured Image

Juliana is one of my favorite kids to photograph. She’s a natural in front of the camera. So I was excited when I learned of my latest opportunity to showcase her personality. While most little girls are currently obsessed with “Frozen”, and specifically the character Elsa, Juliana has a different role model to follow in Merida, from […]


060315 Quinn Featured Image

Quinn has her hero. Like most young girls today she loves Elsa, the magical ice queen from the movie Frozen. Elsa is not your traditional “Disney Queen” and remains in isolation through much of the story, tormented by the responsibility of her enormous powers. Despite this, Elsa overcomes, and in the end manages to strongly embrace her chosen […]


031115 Lina Travis Feature Image

Lina is a dancer. Although she’s interested in many forms of dance, one aspect of her dancing pursuits has her embracing her Mexican cultural heritage. By practicing the traditional folk dance of her ancestors, and then performing it in an annual festival celebrating international dance, Lina is able to stay connected to her homeland. There […]


012315 Landon Walker Featured Image

Landon is Batman. You might think that Bruce Wayne is actually Batman but you would be wrong. Because right now 5 year old Landon is Batman and he can be seen, whenever given the chance, running around in his Batman shirt and cape. Next year, Landon may be someone else, a new hero to protect the […]

The Giant


Moe Travis had a simple mission. She had given birth to a baby girl and had put on a lot of extra weight. To make matters worse she neglected her post baby body, allowing herself to indulge in poor eating habits that only made her feel worse about who she was. So she made the […]

The Family that Rolls Together, Stays Together


CJ is the owner of a local mixed martial arts gym who loves Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He has his Brown Belt (which is a high ranking) and is passionate about his experiences in it. When we first met he informed me that his dream was to eventually get his wife and two kids also involved in training, […]



This is Joyce. She has that classic “girl next door” quality. Full of personality, with an upbeat spirit, always smiling, she has an energy that is infectious, and I was excited to have the opportunity to photograph her. She came down to the studio one Saturday afternoon and the result was a successful, fun, quirky […]


1013 Lauren Wilson 01

Lauren’s dad contacted me last month about reshooting her Senior Portraits. They had originally shot her photos with the photographer contracted by her school and were ultimately looking for something a little different than what he offered with his studio portraits. After chatting with him briefly I learned that she was more interested in a […]

NFC 59 at Wild Bills

Anthony Riley

NFC 59 took place with all the familiar elements of a local show with numerous fights on the card. Some original fights were cancelled, while new fights were added. The was a wide range of expertise, from 1st time amateurs to multi-year veterans, Mixed Martial Arts specialists along with Mauy Thai newcomers. Throw in a […]

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